Havana, Jan 21 (Prensa Latina) The International Commission taking place in London on March 7-8 will strengthen the call of the release for the Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly condemned in the United States, Belgian activist Katrien Demuynck said today. This is a meeting that due to its dimension and massive support not only of figures but also of great audience can be an important impact, although at the same time is an enormous challenge, said Demuynck, European coordinator of the campaign for the freedom of Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, and Fernando Gonzalez.

We start saying that they have spent 15 years of unjust imprisonment and we have the dissatisfaction we have done a lot in the world campaign, but it is not enough to achieve their release, she noted.

By Manuel E. Yepe 

A CubaNews translation, edited by Walter Lippmannusaid

Details of a six million dollar plan by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), intended to destabilize the government of Cuba, were accidentally discovered when the documents were sent unclassified and over an unsecured line to officials of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana.

As was mistakenly revealed in USAID´s initiative SOL-OAA-13-000110, launched on 10 July 2013, the sum was earmarked to finance the work of at least 20 counter-revolutionary organizations that had requested funds to carry out the subversive tasks entrusted them "to overthrow the communist regime."


During a radio broadcasted speech before a packed audience at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on Oct. 18, 2013, Bill Richardson was confronted by Gloria La Riva, coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, demanding freedom for the Cuban Five. You can see La Riva's intervention in the video above. 

anteproyecto CTC HAVANA, Cuba, 11 October Granma

Cuban workers have issued over 160 thousand proposals during debates on the new draft labour code, which was submitted for consultation with the workers last July; the process is now about to conclude, according to a report by Granma newspaper. 

Some 67 thousand 367 workers' assemblies have thus far been held till this week, which stand for 98 percent of all scheduled meetings, including the debates on the draft code by workers abroad. Some 1, 400 meetings are still to be held, the paper reported. 

The consultation process is aimed at having a feedback from millions of workers about their criteria on the law that rules labor activity. 

According to Granma, there was generalized consensus in all meetings about modifying the current code, which has been in force since 1985, given the ongoing transformations in the country in tune with the current economic and labour scenario. 

All opinions have been collected and analyzed by commissions based at municipal, provincial and national levels, said Xiomara Enriquez, an official in charge of labour and social issues with the Cuban Workers' Confederation (CTC).



Celebrating 60 years since Fidel, Raul and the revolutionary rebels attacked the Moncada Barracks, sparking the Cuban Revolution.

Saturday 20 July 2013, 1-5pm

Bolivar Hall
54 Grafton Way
London, W1T 5DL

Tube: Warren St

With Cuban music, salsa classes, Cuban art & photo exhibition, snacks, drinks, raffle, kids’ games, face painting, live music & more...

Confirmed artists:

omar puente2
• Omar Puente - Cuban violinist:

Al MacSween

• Al MacSween (pianist): www.almacsween.com

alejandro gortazar1
• Alejandro Gortazar - Cuban photographer: www.13thegallery.com

Sarahy Martinez

• Sarahy Martinez (painter): cubanos.org.uk/cubanos-en-uk

armando laoarmando
• Cuban DJ Armando Lao Álvarez

• Awate: awatewillmakeyourlifebetter.com/

Duo Betty Rhaza and Fernando Vergara

• Duo Betty Rhaza and Fernando Vergara

John CuevasJohn Cuevas
• John Cuevas (troubadour)

Jose Alejandro Cesar
• Jose Alejandro (singer)

- Free entry & free mojitos for the first 40 people to arrive.

Organised by Rock around the Blockade and supported by: the Cuban Embassy, Cubartista, Cubanos en UK & 13 The Gallery.

For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook : Celebrating 60 years since the attack on Moncada Barracks

26 of july

60 Aniversario del asalto a los cuarteles Cuartel Moncada y Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

Celebración del aniversario 60 del asalto a los cuarteles Moncada y Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, realizado por Fidel, Raúl y otros jóvenes revolucionarios.

Sábado 20 de julio 2013, 1-5pm

Bolivar Hall
54 Grafton Way
London, W1T 5DL

Estación: Warren St

Música cubana, clases de salsa, bufé, bebidas, exhibición de arte y fotografía, rifas, juegos para niños, pinta caritas, música en vivo y mucho más ...

Artistas confirmados:

• Omar Puente (Violinista): www.omarpuente.com
• Al MacSween (Pianista): www.almacsween.com
• DJ cubano Armando Lao Álvarez
• Alejandro Gortazar ( Fotógrafo cubano): www.13thegallery.com
• Sarahy Martinez (Pintora): cubanos.org.uk/cubanos-en-uk
• Awate: awatewillmakeyourlifebetter.com/
• Betty Rhaza (Cantante)
• John Cuevas (Trovador Sudamericano)
• Jose Alejandro (Cantante)

- Entrada gratis y mojitos gratis para las primera 40 personas en llegar.

Organizado por Rock around the Blockade y con apoyo de: la Embajada de Cuba, Cubartista y Cubanos en UK y 13 The Gallery.

Para más información escribir a: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook : Celebrating 60 years since the attack on Moncada Barracks

26 de julio en Londres

www.realcuba.wordpress.com By Patricia Grogg

Cuban doctors in HaitiPORT-AU-PRINCE, Aug 28 2013 – It’s Saturday, and the entrance hall of a police station in front of the busy market in Salomon in the Haitian capital has become an improvised health post. In a few minutes there is a long queue of people waiting to be seen by the Cuban medical brigade.

The economic war against CubaFight Racism! Fight Imperialism! 234 August/September 2013

• The economic war against Cuba, Salim Lamrani, Monthly Review Press, New York 2013, 142pp, ISBN 978 1 583673 40 9

Salim Lamrani provides a concise look at the US blockade imposed on Cuba since 1960. His book gives an overview of how policy towards Cuba has changed since the revolution of 1959 as the US has become more determined to destroy the revolution. The blockade has been used not only to strangle Cuba’s economy but also to stop essential food and medicines reaching the island. Fidel Castro described the blockade as ‘attempted genocide’.

cuban doctorsFight Racism! Fight Imperialism! 234 August/September 2013

10,500 students graduated from Cuba’s medical universities in July 2013. Just over half of them, 5,683, are Cubans and the remaining 4,843 are foreigners from 70 countries and regions. The largest groups of foreign graduates were from Bolivia (855), Ecuador (718), Mexico (444), Argentina (387) and El Salvador (386). They graduated on medical science courses comprising several branches, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, psychology and healthcare technology, which includes 21 different sub-specialties.

cuba-southafricaCUBA STANDARD —In another success in its efforts to diversify for-pay medical service exports, Cuba is nearly doubling its medical program in South Africa.

The number of Cuban doctors working in the African country under a bilateral program will grow from 119 to 213 within the next three months, Alex Carreras Pons, head of the cooperation delegation of Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) in South Africa, told Prensa Latina.