A rundown of Cuba's incredible acheivments in the field of sustainable development.

We live in a world dominated by crisis, imperialist war and exploitation. We are told there is 'no alternative' to cuts, privatisation, hunger and homelessness. In October 2012 Venezuela faced a choice: whether to deepen the Bolivarian Revolution that under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, has brought dignity, health, education and hope- or to return to a brutal, unequal neo-liberal society where oil wealth lined the pockets of multinational companies and Venezuelan elite.

The people of Venezuela voted for Chavez, voted to fight for socialism. The Revolutionary Communist Group was on the streets of Caracas throughout the presidential elections. We joined hundreds of thousands as they thronged the city, braving torrential rain or baking sun, to express their support.

The Bolivarian Revolution illustrates what can be achieved when governments and people, working together, put human need before capitalist profits. Despite Chavez's death in March 2013, the process is being built every day by President Nicholas Maduro and millions of Venezuelans, working to create a society built on collective, socialist organisation and production. In that conscious struggle the spirit of Hugo Chavez lives on.

As the capitalist crisis bites in Britain, Venezuela provides an inspiring example of how the fight against austerity can develop into a fight for socialism. This film takes you on that journey, through the barrios, universities and workplaces to meet the political activists, students and workers who are changing their future.

Alongside the achievements of socialist Cuba, Venezuela illustrates that not only is another world possible, but this world is being built today in Latin America

Rock Around the Blockade hosts an important and informative seminar: ‘Cuba Resists! Trump, the Blockade and the US Elections’. Over 250 participants from Britain and many countries around the world heard from a fantastic line-up of speakers who gave presentations before answering audience questions.

Documentary from RATB's 14th solidarity brigade to Cuba, in 2019. Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the revolution in 1959, RATB members met with and interviewed dozens of Cubans.

Full-length documentary produced by RATB in 2010 explaining the role of socialist Cuba in the world and the modern challenges it faces in its development amidst world capitalist crisis.

A short film made by The National Center for Sex Education (Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual, or CENESEX) A government funded body which promotes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender rights, headed by Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban leader Raúl Castro, the brother of Fidel Castro.

The opening rally of our speaking tour, featuring Orlando Borrego, Jesus Garcia, RATB activist Helen Yaffe and RMT general secretary Bob Crow! Also featuring Cuban and Venezuelan embassy representatives; Rene Mujica and Felix Plasencia!

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