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Venezuelan government releases pictures of mercenariesWith the presidential election set to take place tomorrow, Sunday 14 April, plans to destabilize the country have been exposed by the government. On 10 April, Diosdado Cabello released evidence of phone calls, emails and other documents suggesting the opposition are preparing to refuse to recognize the election results. The evidence includes links to the US with an email allegedly sent from Amando Briquet, of Capriles’ campaign team, to Guillermo Salas, member of the organisation Esdata which reports on Venezuela’s electoral process, stating “...we need everything set out in Washington for checking over by the [Capriles campaign]. It's necessary that all documentation is presented internationally if we decide to take the road of not recognizing the results."

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Public prosecutor Luisa Ortega also verified that seventeen people have been detained in Sucre, Monagas, and Aragua states for sabotaging the electrical system.

In Merida on 10 April, after a Capriles rally, opposition supporters committed various acts of violence in the city, attacking the offices of the government youth, INJUVEM, of public radio YVKE Mundial, the state government building and more.

On 12 April, Vice President Jorge Arreaza announced that security forces had foiled a plot to destabilize Venezuela. This had involved groups of Salvadorian and Colombian mercenaries who had been found in possession of Venezuelan military uniforms, with stocks of explosives and other weapons. The state run oil industry have been identified as targets and on 12 April, an employee of Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) died in a Caracas hospital from gunshot wound following a violent attack on a pro-Maduro celebration at PDVSA's La Campina offices.

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With Capriles’ chances of winning the election slim, it remains to be seen whether sections of the opposition will accept tomorrow’s results.