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On 8-9 January the Revolutionary Communist Group and supporters of its newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! took to the streets demanding that Britain return $1.8bn of gold to Venezuela.

The action was called in response to the criminal ruling on 20 December, where Britain's Supreme Court recognised as the owner of $1.8bn of gold held in the Bank of England's vaults, not the legitimate socialist party government of Venezuela, but rather the discredited opposition ‘interim president’, Juan Guaido – the failed puppet of US imperialism. Whilst Nicolas Maduro's government in Venezuela demands the gold be used for imports of food, medicine and Covid-19 vaccines, the British government, Supreme Court and Bank of England see fit to decide who is and who is not the legitimate head of state, riding roughshod over the Venezuelan democratic process that re-elected Maduro in 2018.

In London the Revolutionary Communist Group joined forces with Rock Around the Blockade, Julian Assange Defence Campaign, Bolivia Solidarity Campaign, Great Patriotic Pole UK, Papua Militant International, Economic and Philosophical Science Review and Hands Off Venezuela! Holding an open mic rally and marching to the Bank of England.

As comrades pointed out, this is not just about the gold – Venezuela's struggle for socialism represents the threat of a good example. Despite crippling sanctions, sustained destabilisation and coup attempts, Venezuela continues to resist! 3.7 million units of social housing have been built and distributed through the Great Housing Mission – whereas in Britain, with an economy 18 times the size of Venezuela's, 30,000 households are on council housing waiting lists and homelessness is soaring whilst social housing is sold off and demolished to make way for luxury flats.

The Revolutionary Communist Group fully supports Venezuela's sovereignty and the Bolivarian revolution's 20-year resistance to imperialist exploitation. We unequivocally oppose British imperialism’s war against Venezuela and its support for US-sponsored ‘regime change’. We will continue to organise in the streets to defend Venezuela's right to resist. Return the gold – No sanctions, no coup – Hands off Venezuela – Solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution!

(First published on FRFI)