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Covid19 1 August 2020

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The World Health Organization has identified Latin America as the new centre for coronavirus pandemic, but the situation in Cuba appears to be under control. Cubans are now 24 times less likely to catch the virus than Dominicans, 27 times less likely to catch it than Mexicans, and more than 70 times less likely to be infected than Brazilians.

Alongside their domestic success, brigades of Cuban medical professionals have travelled to other countries to assist in the international effort against the virus. Thousands of Cuban medics are providing treatment and training across the globe.

Join us online for short videos produced by Belly of the Beast, followed by a discussion of:
• What has Cuba done differently in their handling of Covid-19?
• How can Cuba cope with the virus at home and help other countries at the same time?
• What can we learn from the example Cuba sets?

We will be joined by:
• Valia Rodriguez - Cuban medical scientist
• Dr Helen Yaffe - Author of the book "We Are Cuba - How a Revolutionary People Have Survived in a Post-Soviet Period"
• Ed Augustin - Journalist from Belly of the Beast