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[RCG 07.10.12] On Saturday 6 October 2012, the day before the crucial presidential elections in Venezuela, members of the Revolutionary Communist Group took to the streets in Kilburn, North West London, in support of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, where people are rising up to defend the gains they have won over the last ten years.  The event also celebrated the revolutionary legacy of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, on the 45th anniversary of his death in combat.

Counihan-Sanchez family march with supporters through Kilburn
The rally later joined a march of the Counihan-Sanchez campaign, led by the family members themselves. The family have been made homeless by Brent council after their housing benefit was stopped, part of the brutal push to cut welfare spending in Britain. They are fighting back and have built a vibrant campaign highlighting their case but making common cause with all people fighting for housing as a basic right.
As the march took over the street we chanted 'Housing for the Counihans, Housing for all! No cuts in Brent, no cuts at all!'. At one point there was a moving speech by a friend of Nigel Firminger, also from Kilburn, who took his own life after having his benefits removed, being evicted and faced with unpayable debts. The protesters observed a minute's silence outside the house where Nigel lived.
RCG and supporters held a solidarity stall in Kilburn before the Counihan-Sanchez marchAs people in Britain face attacks on their living standards because of the need to make the poor pay for the capitalist crisis, the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela reminds us that there is an alternative if people rise up to demand that society is run for the needs of the many, not the few.

Victory to the Counihan Campaign! Housing for all!
Viva Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution!
Viva Cuba! Viva socialism!