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[RCG 24.01.13] Yesterday 23 January 2013, marked the 55th anniversary of the 1958 downfall of the Marcos Pérez Jiménez dictatorship in Venezuela. Millions marched throughout the country to remember the oppression of past and to celebrate and defend the progress made during the Bolivarian Revolution, spearheaded by Hugo Chavez since his initial election in 1998.

Socialism can meet the needs of disabled people!Responding to calls for international solidarity, supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! in Glasgow distributed leaflets highlighting the rights that have been gained by disabled people in Venezuela and Cuba in the struggle for socialism.

On a protest to oppose the closing of disability day care centres across the city including Summerston, Cardonald and Maryhill, the difference between the gains being made by the working class in healthcare, state welfare, education, democracy in Venezuela and Cuba is in sharp contrast to the out and out assault on benefits, services and working class communities across Britain.

Despite being over 4,000 miles apart it is clear, both in Latin America and Britain, that without socialism there can be no justice for disabled people!

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution! Viva Cuba!

Long live Chavez and Fidel!

Fight the cuts in Britain!

Support the struggle for Socialism!