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[RCG 26/09/12] TODAY, The Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG) is sending a delegation to report on and film Venezuela’s presidential elections on 7 October, elections which will play a crucial role in determining the future not just of the country itself but of the whole of Latin America.

Our delegation team have been working hard updating our blog with news and articles but also fundraising, to ensure our film work can take place out in Venezuela and we can present a full-length documentary on our return to Britain. 

Thanks to our supporters so far, we have hit our fundraising target! These funds raised will now cover the basic costs of creating the film. We couldn't have done it without the help of individual supporters who share the vision to spread the truth about the revolutionary process happening in Venezuela and show how it is relevant to what is happening here in Britain and Europe.

hugo-chavez-bolivarian-revolution-venezuela 2 v2The choice for Venezuelans this election is between the Bolivarian Revolution, led by the incumbent Hugo Chavez of Venezuela’s Party of Socialism and Unity, and the neoliberal Henrique Capriles of the MUD opposition coalition, which is committed to privatization, eroding the power of the state and, in effect, returning the country to the vast inequality between rich and poor which were the hallmark of Venezuela prior to Chavez’s election in 1999.

For more information on our delgation and why Venezuela is important check the links at the top of our site.

With Hugo Chavez leading opinion polls by a considerable margin, his opponents have used violence to disrupt pre-election campaigning and have made it clear that they will reject any result that is not in their favour; meanwhile they have much of the international western media on their side.

We in Britain are already learning early valuable lessons from the Venezuelan people. Although they have found great benefits from the Bolivarian process in true struggle against inequality and for economic and social justice, this has always been met with the harshest reaction and violence from the ruling elites of the country.

This has not overshadowed the gains which we have seen emerge from the battle for socialism and equality in Venezuela. Yet in Britain this is not reported on, and such information is being censcored from the press so that the poor and marginalised in Britain remain in the dark about these revolutionary changes.

Our delegation of journalists and film makers aim to break through the wall of media disinformation about the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution so that ordinary people in Britain can get the truth about the alternative to the exploitative and divisive capitalist system.

You can follow what’s happening day by day in Caracas over the course of the elections as the group will be blogging from Caracas from the beginning of October at, sharing videos, photos, interviews and impressions from the streets of Caracas. Don't forget we will also be updating our Facebook and Twitter pages every day!

We will meet with political organisations, community leaders, workers’ cooperatives and media workers. 

Our group will also be talking about the experiences from the delegation and showing video clips from the upcoming documentary film on their return (details below or check our events section). 


Report-back meeting details:

  • London - Saturday 3 November @ 2-5pm, Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way, W1T 5DL
  • Liverpool – Saturday 3 November The Casa, Hope Street, L1 9BQ
  • Manchester – Sunday 4 November @ 2pm Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester M2 1NL 
  • Newcastle– Tuesday 6 November @ 7pm Barloco 22 Leazes Park Road NE1 4PG
  • Sunderland – Wednesday 7 November @ 6pm Plugged In 29 Holmeside Sunderland SR1 3JE
  • Glasgow – Sunday 18 November @ 3 - 5pm The Piper Bar, Cochrane Street, George Square.