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As part of the warm-up to our video and journalistic coverage of the Venezuela 2012 elections, we thought it would be worth giving a nod to our previous documentary filmed in Cuba, 2010.

In 2010 we visited Cuba, as part of a solidarity brigade organised by Rock around the Blockade. The aim of the trip was for all involved to discover how a new society can be constructed by observing and learning from the concrete example of the Cuban revolution and socialist process.

Cuba documentary - watch now online

Aside from this, we also undertook an exciting process of filming a documentary during our stay whilst we visited the many local organisations, projects, schools, universities, farms and hospitals we were invited to see accross the country.

The film itelf was shot over two weeks, but actually recorded over 17 hours of footage! It took us nearly one year to edit the film, but the final movie really delivered and turned out to be an engaging documentary for newcomers and those already aware of Cuba's history.

We have now decided to release the documentary, in all its full length glory, for free online for the first time ever. Originally the documentary was only distributed through street work and stalls but like our upcoming documentary on the 2012 Venezuelan elections, we thought its true home should be online where anyone in the world can watch it.

Watch and enjoy, and any questions or quieries please leave in the youTube comments or alternately contact us.