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Cuban vaccination programme

The Cuba solidarity organisation Cubanos En UK have launched a fundraising campaign to purchase essential vaccine supplies to aid the Cuban vaccination programme. Sanctions and the brutal economic blockade from the United States have made essential vaccine supplies hard to come by in Cuba. Cuba's exemplary biopharmaceutical sector has stepped up and are on the verge of completing a coronavirus vaccine, but the blockade has made it very difficult to secure the supplies needed to roll the jabs out. Things like vials, syringes and materials needed to carry out clinical trials are required. We are happy to announce that RATB has made a contribution to this very important fundraising campaign and we encourage anyone who wants to show their solidarity and support for the Cuban revolution to do the same, or share the below URL to spread the word.

Click here  to support the campaign and share this link on social media.

The fundraiser was initially launched on fundraising website Crowdfunder UK and later moved to JustGiving. Crowdfunder UK stopped accepting donations for the campaign, we suspect due to the effect of the blockade on their payments provider, the US company Stripe. JustGiving confirmed that it closed our fundraising page due to Cuba being 'one of the countries under sanctions [from the United States]'.

In a world dominated by imperialist powers, the Cuban Revolution has once again been given an opportunity to prove its resilience and capability to struggle in the face of economic and political attacks. Our support and solidarity are necessary, Cuba's struggle against the virus is a struggle for humanity, as Cubanos en UK's page says: 'We can help Cuba by contributing to this campaign. We can help the world by helping Cuba.'