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running for cuba crowdfunding

I am running a marathon – in one mile laps – this Sunday 10 May from 10am. I will be streaming live updates:

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Watch me here: Sam McGill and  Rock Around the Blockade:

Please donate via the Go Cardless link here: (** see note below)

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I am raising money for two causes:

Why not get involved and get sponsored to run your own mile laps, posting your videos too!

Why Cuba?

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Cuba is making a huge contribution worldwide to fighting the pandemic - Cuban medical teams are currently working in 60 countries. Cuba has sent 14 additional brigades of medical specialists abroad specifically to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Italy, South Africa, Nicaragua, St Kitts and Grenadines, Granada, Jamaica, Venezuela, with delegations preparing to go to Congo. Cuba's life-saving drug Interferon Alpha 2B is already being distributed and administrated to Covid-19 patients. Cuba received the stricken British cruise ship MS Braemar when the US, the Bahamas and no other country in the region would. It treated its passengers and ensured passage home for those who could travel. This is a shining example of socialist internationalism.

Yet due to illegal unilateral sanctions,, Cuba cannot buy new ventilators or repair old ones because the companies that previously supplied ventilators were acquired by a US company (Vyaire Medical Inc). The US blockade imposed on Cuba forbids any type of trading, even of medical items in the middle of this Covid-19 pandemic.

Cuban institutions in health, research and academia have come together to repair old ventilators and to build new devices to support infected patients. Half of all the funds I raise will be given to the Cubanos en UK appeal to support Cuba in building ventilators, adding to the donations already made by Rock Around the Blockade. The rest of the funds will be used to support our urgent solidarity work here in Britain, helping us to organise action against the blockade and produce a new pamphlet to raise awareness about Cuba  here in Britain.

Donate, share and watch my sweaty face getting redder with each lap!

**Note on Go Cardless- This sets up a one off direct debit, it will not charge you more than once. We are using Go Cardless because most crowdfunder pages use US companies like PayPal and Stripe to process payments. Due to the US blockade against Cuba, many campaigns raising money for equipment to Cuba have had their funds blocked or even worse frozen. This is the reality of US sanctions! It just makes us more determined to campaign against the illegal blockade that has been voted against for 28 consecutive years at the UN! If anyone would prefer to make a direct bank transfer please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,uk or contact Sam McGill via her facebook page