Latin America 2021: Resistance and Revolution
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For several years, the Left appeared in retreat across Latin America: the ‘Pink Tide’ fell away, and a series of progressive governments were replaced with right-wing elites, backed by the US establishment. But 2020 saw new victories for popular forces: in Bolivia, Chile, Peru and in Venezuela.

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As the capitalist crisis deepens, as class tensions escalate throughout the Americas, Latin America becomes ever more important to US imperialism, raising the stakes for an entire continent. The Revolutionary Communist Group invites you to join an international meeting that will take a closer look at the developing political situation.
We will be joined by:
  • Jaqueline Castillo of Mafapo, an association of Mothers of the Colombian ‘False Positives’ – murdered civilians passed-off by the regime as guerrilla fighters killed in battle.
  • Ana Maldonado of the Frente Francisco de Miranda (FFM) in Venezuela, an organisation committed to building the Bolivarian Revolution from the grassroots.
  • Ollie Vargas of Kawsachun News, an indigenous-run news agency providing anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist coverage of events in Bolivia.
  • Jacob Dexter of Rock Around the Blockade, an RCG campaign in solidarity with socialist Cuba.
  • Ria Aibhilín, speaking for the RCG.