A recent article posted on Venezuela Analysis (VA) reveals through leaked documents that the current Venezuelan opposition, MUD, plan to drastically attempt to smash the public sector in Venezuela if they come into power this year.


Leaked document "First Ideas of Economic Actions to Take by the National Unity Government (2013)"

The document (spanish only) describes plans which include the deregulation of banks, opening up the economy to private investment and the reduction of state funding for public services and communal council projects.

Not too unsimilar to the the plans of the British government to support private capital over public spending during the recent capitalist crisis, the leaked article comes as an early warning to Venezuelan people of the neo-liberal and right wing nature of the Venezuelan opposition parties.

The VA article explains that it is the fault of the 'market' - once again the capitalist crisis - which should be the reasoning behind cutting social spending and sending millions of Veneuelan poor into deeper poverty.

This is exactly the kind of policy making that the Chavez government opposes and defies with its strong and successful social wealfare campaigns and socialist organisations which have lifted many out of extreme poverty by providing well thought out education and healthcare programs.

You can read the full article on VA here "Venezuelan Opposition Economic Plan to Roll Back Public Services Revealed"