This year, for the first time, the Revolutionary Communist Group and our newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! will send a delegation to Venezuela to cover the 2012 presidential elections in October
We will be reporting daily from the streets of Caracas, challenging the media lies and slander about the revolutionary process in which millions of Venezuelans have participated, building true independence from US, EU and IMF hegemony in the region and the economic elites who have dominated their future so far.
Capitalism is crisis - across Europe governments are dishing out cuts for the poor but bailouts for the rich, squeezing out profits as they inflict austerity and poverty on ordinary people.

Meanwhile the underdeveloped countries face the brunt of the crisis, plunging into deeper poverty as external investments collapse, exploitation intensifies and imperialist countries invade and occupy in a scramble for resources.

Since the 1998 election of Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan people have been building a Socialist alternative. Seizing the country's oil wealth from economic elites and US multinationals and pumping it back into public services, health programs, education; changing lives across Latin America.

This October, Venezuelans will take to the polling stations to decide the fate of the continent in the presidential elections. We are sending a delegation to Caracas to report on the election period and break the British media blockade on Venezuela. 

The Bolivarian Revolution

We want to bring you the truth that the British press does not want you to hear or see. The media in Britain is controlled by a handful of privately-owned multinational corporations, in alliance with a corrupt and complicit political and economic elite – including the government.

British corporate media does not ‘objectively’ inform us about this process – how grassroots, mass mobilisations have transformed the lives of millions of Venezuelans. It's our job to publicise the alternative Venezuela is building, showing what can be done when people are put before profit.

You can help. We need your support however big or small, to help make this blog known far and wide. We need your help to fund our documentary, whether you can contribute £1 or £100 it will assist us in countering propaganda with the truth.

We have no wealthy backers or NGO money. We rely on a network of activists and supporters like you. You can help us inform the public in Britain by organising meetings and screenings  in your community or college. You can form the team which tells people about our news and analysis direct from the process in Venezuela.