The ambassador of Cuba in Venezuela, Rogelio Polanco, expressed his thanks for the humanitarian assistance, which he said demonstrates the sensitivity of President Hugo Chavez and the vocation of solidary of the Bolivarian RevolutionHAVANA, Nov 6 (BERNAMA-NNN-XINHUA) -- A Venezuelan navy vessel arrived in Cuba on Monday, carrying 226 tons of food in aid to the Carribbean island battered by hurricane Sandy.

Vessel "La Guajira" -- loaded with beans, rice, flour, powdered milk, canned meat and water -- was berthed in Santiago de Cuba, 864 km east of Havana and was received by Maria Luisa Bueno, regional delegate of the Cuban Foreign and Investment Trade Ministry and Venezuelan Ambassador to Cuba, Edgardo Ramirez.

The vessel's captain Reinaldo Leon Fajardo said more aid would arrive through air and maritime means.

On Oct 28, another Venezuelan naval ship carrying 646 tons of humanitarian aid headed for Cuba and Haiti. A Venezuelan airplane has also sent the two countries 28 tons of food

Sandy hit southeastern Cuba on Oct 25 and left 11 people dead and enormous material damage while at least 50 people were killed in Haiti