Published on 10 October by TeleSUR English

This first video released 2 weeks ago details a terrorist plot against Venezuela lead by Lorent Saleh

A new video published on Thursday shines further light on the violent destabilisation plans of sectors of Venezuela’s opposition.

This latest video once again shows youth extremist Lorent Saleh, who was previously caught on camera plotting violent attacks and meeting with former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, this time explaining his ties to Maria Corina Machado, a leading opposition politician

The video shows Saleh detailing his relationship with Machado's press officer, as well as him being in touch with the Machedo, who allegedly requested Saleh's cooperation.

Maria Corina Machado played a key role in the opposition's efforts to oust President Chavez. Her signature appeared on the coup decree, dissolving the Venezuelan parliament and ousting President Chavez during the 2002 coup d'Etat.

She was also a guest of honor at the White House in 2005 invited by then U.S. President George W. Bush.

Since President Maduro's election, Machado has continued her opposition, and is one of the leaders of #LaSalida campaign, or #TheExit, which called in February to oust the newly elected Maduro.

Earlier this month, Machado received the Charles T. Mannat prize for democracy, which included a US$100,000 award. The prize is financed by the U.S. government through its agency USAID.

According to Venezuelan authorities, there are still other videos left to release, which will further detail the links between Saleh's violents plans, Machado and Leopoldo Lopez, another opposition leader who was jailed as the intellectual author of February's unrest.

Machado is being investigated by the prosecutor's office for her support of Lopez and her role in February's violent protests, which resulted in 43 people killed.