We have information that Venezuelan opposition members in the UK are holding a protest against the Embassy of the  Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in London tomorrow. A similar protest was held last Tuesday where embassy staff were insulted and threatened. We are making a call out for a counter protest, to uphold the sovereignity of Venezuela, and defend the democracy of the Bolivarian Republic who today inaugurated Nicolas Maduro as President. 

Come and show your support, publicise and share this event. 

Meet 12 noon at South Kensington tube station to go to the embassy 

(1 Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London SW7 2HW)

We must support the fight for socialism in Venezuela! In these times of class war, as austerity and the economic crisis deepens a victory in Venezuela is a victory for us here in Britain! Viva Venezuela! Maduro Presidente!

Maduro sworn in as President 

Maduro sworn in as PresidentAt Just after 2:00 pm on Friday 19 April, Nicolas Maduro was sworn in as Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in a ceremony held in the Federal Legislative Palace, in Caracas. Maduro confirmed his inaugaration with the following statement:

'I swear, today April 19, by the eternal legacy of the liberators, I swear to God, I swear by the people of Venezuela, I swear in eternal memory of the supreme commander that I will abide by and enforce this Constitution to build a country, happy, independent and socialist for all'.......'The fight that you began, for liberty, to construct our homeland, today continues and is intact'

The British Government finally recognises Maduro’s victory.

Today the Foreign Office issued an official statement recognising the triumph of President Nicolás Maduro in the elections held last Sunday 14 April.

The statement reads as follows:

“On the occasion of the inauguration of Nicolas Maduro as President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the UK Government looks forward to working with the Government and people of Venezuela to strengthen our relationship and deepen cooperation in areas of mutual interest.”

The UK Government has thus joined the majority of countries in the world in recognising the democratic will of the Venezuelan people, as demonstrated at the polls last Sunday 14 April.

Press Unit of the Embassy of Venezuela in London
Friday 19 April 2013