Mass rally and march in Camaguey, #Cuba in defence of the Cuban Revolution.

Your article 'Cuban president claims protests part of US plot to 'fracture' Communist party' on 12 July explicitly focuses on anti-government protest whilst failing to cover the much larger, pro-socialist demonstrations that have swept the country – much less quote anyone who participated in them. Some of the video footage you feature is of pro-socialist protests – but nowhere is it presented as such. Non-Spanish speakers will not notice the chants of ‘We are Fidel’ and ‘The people united will never be defeated’. This is hardly dissimilar from the sleight of hand taking place on social media sites: photos of clashes in Buenos Aires and Cairo labelled as Havana for example. Renowned Spanish analyst Julian Macias Tovar has reported on social media accounts participating in the ‘SOSCuba’ online campaign retweeting five times a second and that several of the leading accounts are operating from Spain and the United States – he has also shown that over 1,500 accounts that participated in the ‘Twitter storm’ were created over the weekend of 10-11th July. These are the now familiar hallmarks of today’s fringe movements, their influence outsized through the work of bots and algorithms. Surely your readers ought to be told this?