Rock Around The Blockade organised a protest outside the US embassy in London on 17 October. This demonstration was to oppose the illegal US blockade at a time when it is more important than ever to defend the example of socialist Cuba.

Speakers at the event from RATB, the RCG, Communist League, Free West Papua, the campaign to free Julian Assange and other supportive groups provided powerful arguments for standing in solidarity with Cuba. They highlighted Cuba's socialist achievements and the internationalism it has shown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

US embassy Oct 2020 1

Marching to the entrance of the embassy, we chanted: 'Cuba si! Yankee no!' 'Abajo el bloqueo/Down with the blockade!'

For 60 long years, the US has imposed blockade on the Cuban revolution. The US is trying to strangle the Cuban economy, bringing extraordinary hardships on ordinary Cubans. They are punishing the whole population of Cuba just so they can bring capitalism back into the island. US sanctions create shortages of medicines, and prevent Cuba from purchasing, or receiving donations of medical equipment to treat Covid-19 patients. The US administration claims Cuban medical internationalists serving populations overseas are ‘slaves’, meanwhile 4,000 Cuban specialists treat Covid-19 patients in nearly 40 countries, saving lives.

US embassy Oct 2020 2

Every year, the United Nations General Assembly holds a vote on whether to condemn the illegal US blockade on Cuba – and every year the world stands with Cuba. For the 28th consecutive year, the vote won overwhelmingly on 2019 – only the US and the far-right governments of Israel and Brazil voted against condemning the blockade. Year by year, the US, in its attempt to isolate Cuba from its many friends and allies, is becoming more politically isolated itself.

US embassy Oct 2020 3

The Trump administration has strengthened the blockade while attacking Cuba’s allies in Latin America. Nevertheless, the people of Cuba are resilient and prefer the gains brought by socialism to anything imperialism can offer. They will not bow down to US imperialism, and so they will continue building socialism in Cuba and help millions of people around the world, based on the principle of internationalism.

Hands off Cuba! Smash the illegal blockade! Down with US imperialism!

Rock Around The Blockade will be hosting an online meeting to discuss the upcoming US elections on 29 October, 7pm with:

  • Cuban Ambassador to the US, Jose Ramon Cabañas
  • Cuban Ambassador to Britain, Bárbara Montalvo Álvarez
  • Gloria La Riva, Presidential candidate for Party for Socialism and Liberation, US
  • Valia Rodriguez, Cuban physician
  • Helen Yaffe, University of Glasgow
  • A speaker from RATB

Register to join the meeting at: