with gloria la riva

Gloria La Riva, president of the US Party for Socialism and Liberation and now presidential candidate for 2020, has made a call for action in support of Cuba on November 16th. It will be an urgent day of solidarity agreed internationally at the conference: 'Go to the streets, go to the US embassy, go to the companies that blockade Cuba. If they blockade Cuba, we'll blockade them! ¡CUBA SÍ, BLOQUEO NO!'

The video of Gloria La Riva's callout is on this link on our Facebook.

On that day, supporters of RATB and the RCG will be holding stalls around the country to highlight the US blockade alongside Cuba's outstandign human and environmental achievements. We will also continue the pickets of Esso (ExxonMobil's trading name), which is attempting to sue Cuba under Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, a US-blockade law.